THE PAST: Reflections from our Founder Ruth Fitzgerald

Thirty years? Really?? It sure doesn’t seem that long. In early 1987 I left my job with a major consulting firm and launched Fitzgerald & Halliday, Inc. I originally wanted to call the company Fitzgerald Associates, but that corporate name was not available so I went with FHI. If there is anyone out there who still wonders who Halliday was, well, ….that was me too. Halliday was my maiden name.

Over the past 30 years FHI has grown from a staff of one (just me) to our current complement of almost 50 staff in Connecticut, New York City, and New Jersey. I am just as proud of the success that FHI has had under Susan’s presidency as I am at our success and growth before that transition. Susan and our leadership team continue to make bold new decisions while leaving the “heart" of FHI fully intact. While our organization and management structure has grown and evolved over 30 years, the values and culture of FHI remain relatively unchanged.

And those values and culture are much appreciated by FHI staff. Our staff is one of the main reasons that I have continued to work. This group of bright and talented professionals is committed to creating better communities and a better world “one project at a time”. They are a joy to work with.

I sometimes say that FHI is my other baby. And it’s true that the pride of seeing FHI “fully launched” yet holding onto our original values is, indeed, similar to the joy of seeing your child become a fully launched and productive adult.

Some of you know that I’ve been retiring on the “very slow” plan for quite a few years. But at this point, as my career truly winds down, I am filled with pride and wonder at FHI’s success. I wish FHI continued success as we start down the path of the next 30 years 😊, and am grateful to all our clients and friends who we have been honored to serve through the years. You are our partners in success. Thank you!


Me with FHI and my son Mike in the 90’s

Both my “babies” fully launched