THE PRESENT: Look how far we have come - from Carla’s Perspective

I never dreamed of my ideal job. All I knew as a young engineer was that I wanted to earn an honest living and support my family. Little did I know that FHI was that ideal place for loving work and what I do. I love going to work and knowing that it will be different from the day before. I can always find myself positioned to take on a new challenge. Need someone to manage the office relocation? Need someone to update the health and safety plan or manage a complex corridor study? My answer is always, yes! Having a diverse workload and being a part of a growing and evolving company creates great energy that keeps me going.

It is an exciting time for FHI as we celebrate 30 years of business and it's exciting for me to know that I have been here for twenty-two of those years. I’ve watched the business grow from 10 employees when I joined to nearly 50 employees, now with several offices, and more defined service lines and specialty areas. As Vice President of Operations, I oversee the finance and accounting operations and processes, corporate financial performance, and a variety of operational programs including staff development, office management, human resources, policy and procedures, and corporate committees. I lead and facilitate our Management Team meetings where we discuss important issues in an interactive way that engages all in the discussion and decision-making process. From light-hearted competitions, like FHI Jeopardy, to sharing “what’s on your plate?” to assess and define priorities, our Management Team rocks and we get the business done! I am always excited to work with staff and teach them new ways of how to communicate their message, enhance their professional brand, or simply balance out their priorities for the day.

What I enjoy most is that I am positioned to help shape the company’s future and help develop future leaders. It is easy to follow a road map that has been designed but to create your own path takes vision and courage. I am looking forward to celebrating 30 years and I am excited to be a part of a company that has such a bright future.