Community Engagement

Involving the public and gathering their input on planning, transportation, and infrastructure projects helps build better projects, and ultimately, better communities. We consider outreach one of the most important aspects of a successful project, requiring keen insight and carefully executed but flexible plans.

We increase the effectiveness of community engagement by starting early in the process and utilizing traditional methods along with innovative and interactive strategies and tools.

FHI is a firm of planners who specialize in public outreach. We are known for utilizing a variety of communication platforms to engage a broad demographic and adapt to various schedules. Always inclusive, we tailor our work sessions and communications to suit people of all abilities.

  • Public involvement plans
  • Project outreach strategies
  • Meeting coordination and facilitation (Federal, state, regional, municipal)
  • Online applications, project websites, and surveys
  • Innovative community engagement tools

Leslie Black

FHI | 2020