Good planning encompasses all aspects of a community, including the physical, social, and environmental elements unique to each place. FHI’s Community Planning Service Line synthesizes the many components involved in placemaking, social equity, urban design, visioning, and economic development to create responsive solutions that reflect a community’s unique character.

We collaborate with communities throughout the planning and design process to develop customized, innovative concepts that are simultaneously fiscally and environmentally sustainable. By balancing long-term concepts with smaller, incremental steps, we help to build consensus, confidence, and encouragement for the implementation of positive development.


  • Village, town, and urban center studies and plans
  • Conceptual design
  • Land use planning and zoning
  • Form-based codes and design
  • Livable and healthy community planning
  • Smart growth and regional planning
  • Mixed-use / TOD development


Francisco Gomes, AICP, ASLA