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Michael Coulom, Mary Miltimore, Ruth Fitzgerald (standing), Susan VanBenschoten and Shawna Kitzman enjoying a session at this year's SNEAPA conference.

From the Prez: ah, youth...

I think I’ve found the fountain of youth! It doesn’t come in a jar or from a surgeon’s knife (though that might help, too). It comes from working at FHI.  Seriously! Some people may think that the stress of consulting ages you, but I’ve found it to energize and rejuvenate my spirit and outlook.

Featured Articles

Getting the Public Where They Need to Be

FHI has a long history of involvement in public transportation projects.  Our transit work has encompassed access to transit reviews, transportation planning, environmental documentation, public involvement, streetscape design, and community planning. Public transportation is a core component of sustainable, livable communities, something we believe in strongly at FHI.

Helping Communities Become More Resilient

HUD’s Rebuild by Design (RBD) competition provided a pioneering opportunity to engage communities on how to adapt neighborhoods threatened by a changing climate. HUD granted ten projects funding for conceptual design, and now communities are advancing these designs through implementation, and FHI is there to assist.

FHI Wins Sustainability Award

Fitzgerald and Halliday, Inc. is pleased to announce that we were recognized at the Platinum Level for the Greater Valley Forge Transportation Management Association’s 6th Annual Sustainability Awards Breakfast held on September 14th in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

Connecting Hartford’s Parks

Hartford’s Capital City Parks Plan provides an ambitious vision for connecting the City’s parks. Working for Sasaki Associates, FHI developed the plan’s connectivity recommendations, including a bicycle network concept linking all of the City’s large parks to neighborhoods and key destinations.

FHI After Dark

Bats, often feared as spooky nocturnal creatures or nuisances to remove from attics, are actually a vital part of our ecosystem. By devouring pesky insects like mosquitos, bats provide an important function for humans.

FHI Staff Notes

Read about our staff's accomplishments, family additions, course certifications, awards and other cool things over the past several months!