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From the Prez:
Back to school...

It’s 10:15 AM on Monday of Columbus Day weekend and I’m sitting in my daughter’s campus apartment at Boston University; where I have been visiting for the weekend.  She’s still asleep, used to the skewed schedule of a college student – late nights, late mornings.

Our Third Dimension: Strategy and Innovation

Good companies need to be financially fit, have quality employees, fill a need in the market, and maintain a good support infrastructure. Great companies also look to the future by encouraging...

The POWER of Collaboration

As planners with expertise in engaging the public, we understand the value of collaboration and that bringing community members together can unleash their collective powers to develop new ideas.  This same understanding holds true for the FHI community...

Thinking Visually: FHI takes a seat in the director’s chair

We all know that “A picture is worth a thousand words” and at FHI we have built an impressive graphic design portfolio that helps us easily communicate ideas. Over the past few months we’ve been bringing the static into motion through videos...

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