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Back to Nature

The “Back to Nature” focus of this newsletter was determined months ago as a counterpoint to our last “Summer in the City” edition. Thirty years ago, FHI began...(read more)

What do you know about Aquaculture?

There is a growing awareness and support for preserving farmland and eating locally-sourced food. But did you know that Connecticut’s aquaculture industry is booming? (read more)

Better Natural Communities

...we approach natural resource planning not only from a landscape ecology point of view, but also from the ground up. Soil science is the foundation of our work...(read more)

FHI’s Environmental Evolution

FHI’s environmental practice has roots firmly grounded in environmental documentation and the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the Connecticut Environmental Policy Act (CEPA) preparing environmental documents and evaluations...(read more)

Protecting the Human Environment

When we think of “the environment” we so often think of vital water resources that support all manner of life on our planet. And, indeed, this is a critical aspect of FHI’s work and passion....(read more)

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