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Fall Greetings from the President

Sleepless in Connecticut

This year, back to school had a very different meaning for me. When my kids were little, it meant school supply shopping and early mornings at the bus stop. As they got older, it meant high school soccer games, fundraisers, and school dances. Finally, during the college years, it meant moving them into their dorm room and saying goodbye until Thanksgiving break. This year, my son begins his second year as a professional living in New York City and over Labor Day weekend, I delivered my daughter to Seattle, Washington to begin a 7-year PhD program.

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Featured Articles

Safety for All Ages in Nyack, NY

At FHI safety is paramount in our multi-modal planning efforts. We take into consideration the obstacles and opportunities for safe travel for people of all ages, from kids to seniors. We recently completed a Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan for Nyack, NY and the surrounding communities...

Operation Lifesaver: Saving Lives – One Connection at a Time

There is a common theme across all of FHI’s projects: making connections. Whether we are connecting with a stakeholder group, a town committee, state and federal regulators, or the public, we are constantly making connections with people from all walks of life...

Safe Streets Require Greater Access

In the transportation profession, mobility typically means the movement of people or goods. Accessibility refers to the ease of reaching goods, services, jobs, activities, and destinations. While these both seem like worthy goals, the challenge for planners...

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