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Planning for the future

Planning for the sustainability and generational succession of FHI is one of my most important jobs in the years to come.  I guess that’s very much like my job as a parent too.



Planning for Active, Healthy Communities in Connecticut’s Quiet Corner

Planning for healthy, vibrant communities is what FHI does, so it was an obvious partnership to help the Eastern Health Highlands District (EHHD) utilize a national Plan4Health grant to promote healthy communities...

Assisting Audubon CT, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

FHI was retained to advise Audubon Connecticut on the ecological merits of wetlands preserved, created, enhanced, or restored under the program...

FHI Does it All!

Media Relations Specialist. Social Media Manager. Community Liaison. For the past four months, FHI’s Stacy Graham-Hunt had the pleasure of fulfilling all of these roles as Public Information Officer for the New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC)...

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