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Susan and Wayne VanBenschoten rub the boar’s nose at the Ferrari-Carano Vineyards in Healdsburg, California for good luck! The superstition seems to be true, as it has certainly brought good fortune to FHI.

From the Prez: Who has Cabin Fever?

It’s a Sunday morning in early March and I’m sitting in my sunny kitchen with a cup of coffee and my dog at my feet. Sounds great right? Yet, when I look outside, the snow piles along my walkways and driveway are 5 to 6 feet high and there’s at least 3 feet of untouched, heavy snow out in my backyard; where neither me or my dog dare to venture in fear of getting stuck.

Featured Articles

Repairing Our Environment – One Ecosystem at a Time

Incredible. Amazing. Gratifying. Inspirational. These are just a few of the words our environmental staff use when asked the question: What comes to mind when you look out onto our successful ecological restoration sites?

Come One, Come All to the Virtual Meeting!

More interactive than a standard website, a virtual meeting or online workshop is a powerful tool for presenting meeting information and soliciting valuable feedback through discussion forums, visual preference surveys, creative infographics and interactive tools.

How FHI Makes Life a Little Bit Better...And Greener!

A recent project completed in Yonkers, New York, offered the opportunity for FHI staff to employ a broad range of planning skills to assess the feasibility of rekindling a lost pathway in the community.

FHI's "Guides" to Success

FHI is partnering [Note: not “selected to partner," as we’re already working on both jobs] with the Vermont Agency of Transportation in reaching out to its customers and “getting to the right project,” both of which are FHI passions.

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