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Susan VanBenschoten, WTS CT- Women of the Year!!!

Susan has been awarded the 2018 Women of the Year Award from WTS CT! This award is given to a woman who is a leader in transportation and has made an outstanding contribution to the transportation industry, contributed toward the advancement of women...

Life in the Slow Lane

“One day we’ll be able to go 700 miles an hour, then we’ll want to go seven again.” Mark Twain allegedly stated…a prediction I reflected upon as I casually pedaled my bicycle along car-free streets in New York City in early May.

Building a Bikeable Hartford

In 2013, as a member of the Hartford Parks Master Plan team, FHI was tasked with developing a plan for improving bicycle and pedestrian connections between Hartford’s parks. The City was interested in reviving a more than one-hundred-year-old vision for a connected ring of parks which was once envisioned by Hartford’s own Fredrick Law Olmsted.

FHI Walks in Jersey City

Since late last summer, FHI has been leading the development of Jersey City’s Pedestrian Enhancement Plan. It is a citywide effort to prioritize the pedestrian experience and make walking in the City safer, more comfortable, and generally more desirable so that walking isn’t just a choice but the preferred option.

Better Streets for Better Transit

A Complete Streets approach to roadway design and operation is vital to comfortable, safe and equitable transit performance. When street design supports the effective movement of people, across multiple modes, cities and towns maximize the potential of one of their greatest public assets.

The Next Town Over…Why Does the Bike Lane End?

Transportation planners often get asked why bike lanes don’t continue into the adjoining town, or why the condition of the sidewalk worsens just over the border. It is common for priorities to mismatch between neighboring municipalities, as each has differing resources and development objectives.

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