Our Annual FHI Day

Recently, the entire company gathered in Hartford for a full day of events to explore new ideas, collaborate as colleagues, and look to the future. “It was a day to reflect on ourselves and our values, and also to think about the impact we want to make on the communities and clients we serve as we move forward,” said Mike Morehouse, Vice President of Strategy and Innovation.

FHI kicked off the day with an off-site session at Upward Hartford, where the staff participated in a workshop about our values, our culture, and our purpose. As part of this session, the staff created a word cloud to describe how we view FHI and what elements of our company we want to enhance and preserve as we continue to grow. This piece highlighted FHI’s desire to innovate and evolve while staying true to who we are.

Next, the staff walked over to Pratt Street to enjoy a “paint with a twist” event, where we stretched our creative muscles, and each created our own masterpiece. This was a fun event that definitely highlighted the broad range of artistic talent at FHI.

Finally, FHI headed over to the Goodwin Hotel for a party to celebrate another successful year. Great food and great company, as well as a hilarious improv session with Hartford’s Sea Tea Improv, rounded out a wonderful day.

Michael Morehouse leading FHI Staff in a discussion of company culture
Zainab Kazmi leading a focus group
Jessica Ortiz leading a focus group
Word cloud of FHI's company culture
FHI Staff ready to paint and sip
FHI Staff ready to paint and sip
Arnie Bloch taking his own artistic path
FHI Day turns into FHI Night at the Goodwin Hotel Lounge
Jessica Ortiz, Melissa Pineda, and Zainab Kazmi relax at the Goodwin Lounge
Arnie Bloch brings his wit and charm to the improv session with Sea Tea Improv