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Summer in the City

I just got back from a trip to Paris where I rented an apartment and tried to experience Paris like a local – taking the Metro, shopping at local markets, cooking, bicycling,

Southpoint Open Space

Words like “peaceful” and “natural landscapes” aren’t usually what people think of when they think of New York City but those words are frequently used to describe Roosevelt Island.

Project Highlight: NYCDOT Commuter Van Study

Commuter vans, colloquially known as dollar vans in New York City, serve as an important component of the city’s overall public transportation network.

Living the City Vision: Ryan Walsh, AICP, PP

Ryan is an Urban Planner and Senior Project Manager in FHI’s New York City office. With over ten years of experience working in NYC...

FHI Hits the Conference Scene!

During the first week of May, FHI joined thousands of planners from across the country at this year’s American Planning Association (APA) National Planning Conference...

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