FHI is Growing and so is our Leadership Team

Every few years, as FHI grows and evolves, we reassess our organization and operations. Our goal is to manage the company efficiently and empower people to take on new responsibilities that support long-term leadership succession and build a strong “bench” of leaders. In response to our service growth and particularly in response to our regional growth, we’ve established new leadership positions at FHI to help us do just that. I’m proud to highlight FHI’s leadership team:

Susan Vanbenschoten
Chief Executive Officer

Carla Tillery
Chief Operating Officer

Kristen Ahlfeld
Director of Projects

Ken Livingston
Vice President of Projects and Client Services

Marcy Miller
Director of Governance &
NE Community Engagement Manager

Mike Morehouse
Vice President of Strategy and Innovation

Leslie Black
Director of Community Engagement Services

Stephanie Dyer-Carroll
Director of Environmental Services

Chris Henry
Director of Transportation and Land Use Planning

Sandy Nafis
Director of Finance and Benefits

Francisco Gomes
New England Transportation and Land Use Manager

Paul Stanton
Environmental Documentation Manager

Laurel Stegina
Permitting and Field Studies Manager

Ryan Walsh
Mid-Atlantic Community Engagement Manager

Arnie Bloch
Senior Advisor

Kelley Kelly
Contracts and Licensing Manager

Eric Smith
IT Manager

Bonnie Damato-Torres
Office Manager