Transportation & Land Use

Land use and transportation are intrinsically linked and both are fundamental to the livability of our communities. Successful transportation options are the foundation of great places, offering safe and sustainable mobility choices for all ages and abilities. From active transportation, to transit, to Complete Streets and roadway safety, FHI’s services reflect our belief in smart design to build vibrant communities.

Effective planning encompasses all aspects of a community, including the physical, social, and environmental elements unique to each place. We synthesize the many components involved in placemaking, social equity, urban design, visioning, and economic development to create responsive solutions that reflect a community’s unique character.

FHI’s planners weave technical expertise with an enduring commitment to thoughtful, collaborative, and equitable community engagement. Our experts combine technical acumen with a passion for shaping happy and healthy places, supporting our clients to match visionary planning with actionable, near-term solutions.

  • Transit planning
  • Complete Streets
  • Transportation engineering
  • Active transportation
  • Zoning
  • Urban design
  • Master planning

Chris Henry, AICP

FHI | 2020